Day 8/21 Road to Fat Loss

15 Jan


This past weekend I participated in a traditional winter bike ride that starts at the Daley Plaza in Chicago and rides south 35 miles to Munster, Indiana to refuel on some proteins and carbs at 3 Floyds Brewery. This was my 3rd time riding to 3 Floyds and I enjoy long distance rides but this ride was a bit challenging due to the mechanical malfunction of not being able to shift my rear derailleur. It was stuck on the small gear and made climbing hills a bit*h! I looked at it at getting more workout in, not to mention the nasty 20+ MPH headwind.


We were suppose to leave the Daley Plaza at 9 am sharp and didn’t leave until 9:30 am. 3 Floyds opens at noon and it’s known for it’s ridiculous long wait times to get in to nosh. Many riders were rolling in late and signing waiver forms.


2.5 hours later we arrive at 3 Floyds…


…to you guessed it, a line! We spent a good 1.5 hours inside and then rode 10 miles west back across the Illinois border to Flossmoor Station Brewery. Another 1.5 hours later we hopped on the metra back into Chicago. I got on another Metra train to take me home. When it was all said and done, I logged in 48 miles. Not bad for this time of year in Chicago where we are usually greeted with a foot of snow and below freezing temps!

Despite the beer ride, I only had 3 beers, much, much much less than my biker friends. I got bigger goals to attend and I was quite proud of myself for sticking with my low beer limit all in the name of this 21 Day Transformation Challenge. Today I continued with my kettlebell workout and was able to drop my body fat percent a tenth lower since I started last week. Woopee do bop, I know. It’s better than nothing and I’ll take it.













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