Day 15

21 Jan

Starting to see the end of the tunnel. Today was one of those days where you don’t feel like working out but once you do, you are glad you did. There was no way I was going to go 3 days in a row without working out. Today’s workout consisted of a kettlebell complex called Birthday Cake.

3 rounds
5 x Double Snatch to See-Saw Press
5 x Reverse Lunge (R+L)
10 x Double Kettlebell Swing
10 x Push Up on the Bells
10 x Alternating Bent Over Rows

The workout called for 2 rounds but I pushed for 3 and my arms were burning. It was one of those workouts where you are still trying to catch your breath after 5 minutes of finishing your last rep. It’s all about achieving Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption during kettlebell complexes.


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