Hell’s Bells

24 Jan


Day 18:
Today’s workout was Pure Savagery. 2 different pain chains. First one was a swinging pain chain that used three kettlebells—Medium, Heavy, and Heavier—in a row, put five minutes on the clock and perform 5 swings at each bell, moving through the line as many times as you can in the five minutes. Second was a press pain chain with a medium, heavy, and extra heavy bell. Line ‘em up and perform one military press at each bell. Cycle through the line-up as many times as possible in 10 minutes.

Last but not least was “With all the Love in the World” complex. This complex is a definite keeper for future workouts. What I liked about this complex is that it works your upper and lower body in a short amount of time.

Perform 3 rounds of the following, resting as needed:
10 Step Kettlebell Bear Crawls (1 Step = one push up and one row)
20 Walking Lunges

Just one more workout to go! for the 21 Day Challenge. I’m finishing strong!


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