The Skogg System Ladders 4

5 Feb


Today I did Ladders 4 from The Skogg System Dvd. I was really impressed with my effort and amazed how easy the workout seemed. I was doing this workout last fall and I had to mentally fight to get through it especially when reaching ladders 5 and 6. The workout is 6 exercises, switching arms before moving on the next exercise and laddering up starting at 1. So it goes as follows:

Snatch (L)(R)
High Pull (L)(R)
Cleans (L)(R)
Squat (L)(R)
Clean and Press (L)(R)
Swings (L)(R

Rest 1 minute after completing all 6 exercises that add a rep to it up to 6. Then go back down from 6 to 1. Definitely a good workout to throw in the mix. I’m thinking about buying a heavier bell. My body is ready to get savaged!


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