Beginning a Personal Yoga Practice at Home

10 Feb


Yesterday was my off day and dropped off my bike to get a tune up from my favorite mechanic, Curt Warner of BikeFix Chicago. There’s not a lot of people that I trust with my steed but Curt is one of them. The 45 minute trek by train is worth it. I took in my Bianchi Zurigo cross bike to get a tune up for next month’s upcoming race, Barry-Roubaix in Michigan.

When I was kettlebell Skoggn’ on Friday, I sprained my lower back muscle and now it’s completely sore. It’s very hard to get around and lift. I’ve been applying oil pack and using the foam roller as well. I feel much better and hope to get into swinging tomorrow to start my new 60 day workout. I just got Michael Skogg at Home Phase 1 and 2 workouts over the weekend and I’m anxious to sweat.

Meanwhile today, I did yoga for my back and trying to get yoga into my daily routine. Every time I finish my yoga practice, I feel so good and relaxed. I could tell I’m getting addicted to it. I use the above book as a reference on how to go about establishing a daily practice the right way and have been using several of the sequences in the back of the book. I’m starting with 25 minutes of yoga and hoping to lengthen the time as time goes on.

Beastin’ in stillness


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