60 Day Workout Challenge

12 Feb

Yesterday I started a new self challenge for the next 60 days. Workouts are going to consist of TRX Suspension Training, kettlebells, Insanity, cycling and jump roping.

Today’s Workout: The Halves – you are basically halving your reps and rest times.
Rest 1 minutes between exercises.
20 double snatch
20 double swings
20 double high pulls
20 double squats
20 double clean and press
20 cleans
~ Rest 30 seconds ~ Rest 30 seconds between exercises.
10 double snatch
10 double swings
10 double high pulls
10 double squats
10 double clean and press
10 cleans
~ Rest 15 seconds ~ Rest 15 seconds between exercises.
5 double snatch
5 double swings
5 double high pulls
5 double squats
5 double clean and press
5 cleans

This is a great workout as a warm up or finisher or a workout in itself if you are short on time. Enjoy.

Beast away



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