Smell That?…That’s The Smell Of Fat Burning

23 Feb



Well it’s been awhile since I posted. Truth be told I actually hurt myself while working out. I took a week to do light stretching and popping ibuprofen. My lower back was super tight to the point that it was painful just to lie on my bed. I would get these sharp pains that would come without warning and make me jolt up. On top of that I reinjured my right rotator cup. I picked up my cross bike from my bike mechanic and wanted to take the shortcut home through the limestone trail. Little did I know that sneaky ice patches were hiding under the snow on the trail ninja style. Within seconds I found myself lying on my side kissing the frozen tundra. Lucky for me I didn’t bounce my head.

So these last few days I’ve been feeling a whole lot better and did some light workouts to test my shoulder and back. The good news is…The Beast Is Back! I will be able to get on with my 60 Day Challenge starting this Monday.

Today I did the second strength class kettlebell workout from Michael Skogg at Home Phase 1 DvD. I followed that up with the first core routine from Keith Weber’s Extreme 2 DvD and finally cooled down with 6 cycles of Sun Salutations. Not going to lie, it felt great to sweat. From not working out, I felt I had come a long way to get where I am now, especially mentally. I was afraid that I would gain weight and go back to where I started from. But I was able to maintain my weight just by eating clean – meats and veggies. Stay tuned for my 60 Day Challenge on Monday!



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