Day 2 – Insane Kettlebells

26 Feb


Insanity is no joke. If it’s been awhile since you’ve workout out, Insanity may not be the workout for you. Which is why many get discouraged and quit the program. There’s a lot of plyometric movements with only 30 seconds breaks so your heart rate barely has anytime to recover.

I woke up feeling tire and sore from doing my 2 a day workouts yesterday but in time, my body will get used to the new routine. I first did Michael Skogg at Home Phase 1 DvD. I did the second class of power today. Even though these are considered stand alone workouts, they make for excellent warmup or finishers.

I followed up my kettlebell workout with Cardio Power and Resistance DvD from Insanity. At first I didn’t think I would have enough energy to complete the workout but noticed that it was my mind that was trying to psych me out of doing this workout. I just pushed on through and before I knew it, I was focused and sweating. Some of my favorite exercises from this DvD are power jumps, walking pushups, v pushups and floor sprints. At the start of the DvD I had my doubts but when I reached the end of the workout, it felt really worthwhile and I was beaming with self-accomplishment.

I can not be or will be stopped!


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