Day 4 – Me Only Stronger

28 Feb


Today was another fantastic day of kettlebell and Insanity work. I’m continuing the Phase 1 DvD of Skogg at home. Today I did a level 2 strength workout (First Class). It was a good change of pace to the other workouts on the DvD. Since it was a strength workout, you lift as heavy as you can with a low rep count. My heaviest bell is a 16kg (35lb) bell so there were times I “stacked” a 26lb and a 35lb bell  together to be able to lift heavier on some of the exercises. I did the 6 basic kettlebell moves each for 3 reps each side in tabata fashion. 15 sec on 15 sec off as heavy as I could go.

After a protein shake and a couple hours later, I got right to it and popped in the Pure Cadrio DvD from Insanity before it got too late and before I psyche myself out of it. I almost lost it right after the level 2 drills. It’s a 35 minute workout without any breaks so by the time I reached that part, I was getting winded. Shaun T always mentions to take a break when your sacrificing your form. True enough when working with kettlebells as well. The intensity picks up with more suicide jumps (burpees) and push up variations. By the time I reached the cool down, I’ve noticed that I’m getting more flexible in my hip flexors. I’m able to squat low to the ground without picking up my heals. This will come in handy for when I do Keith Weber’s kettlebell DvD and have to perform overhead squats.

Time to rest and grab something to eat. I’m heading over to Trader Joes and picking up some sirloin, chicken breast, veggies, nuts and fruits for my mussles – ha.

You still beastin?


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