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Day 31 – Max Cardio Conditioning

27 Mar


Man, these Max high intensity 47+ minutes workouts are messing with my mojo. Seems after I do these workouts, I don’t have any energy for anything else! That new Focus T25 program from Shaun T is sounding good by the day.

I’ll be back for more punishment tomorrow.

Get ’em Gorillaz!


Day 30 – Max Interval Plyo

26 Mar

Can’t wait for my HRM to come in the mail this week cause I’m curious to see how many calories I’m burning with these Max workouts. I’m left in a puddle of sweat. Mops should be included in the deluxe package! If you didn’t like push ups before, you’re going to love MIP. Can you say Level 3 Drills?!!?

Half way through the 60 Day Challenge.

Where my savages at?

Day 29 – Max Interval Circuit and Kettlebell Sets

25 Mar


WOW! If Insanity is NOT fun for you right now, it’s because your diet is not dialed in. I just slipped some pants on yesterday that fit really tight before I started Insanity and now they fit loose at the waist! That’s what Insanity is all about, getting your confidence back. With new confidence and new energy, I’m going to reinvest it back into Insanity so that I can drop a pant and shirt size.

I skipped recovery week and started max training today. Shaun T gives you no mercy from the get go. Get ready, if you sweat before in month 1, it’s going to rain for month 2!

After Max Interval Circuit, I waited 15 minutes and did 2 sets of 6 different kettlebell movements for 10 reps each side as a finisher for a total of 240 reps in under 10 minutes.

Let’s get it savages!

Day 27 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit

23 Mar


Done! And just like that month 1 is in the books! Getting ready to start month 2 tomorrow.

I made the decision to skip recovery week. I feel good. I’m still hovering over my starting weight give or take a couple pounds. I’m drinking a lot of water and feel my body is retaining a lot of water. Now with Spring around the corner, I want to burn more calories on my bike while lifting kettlebells and doing Insanity.

Hopefully better results in the next 30 days!

Day 26 – Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs & Kettlebell 300

22 Mar


I got one more workout to complete month 1 of Insanity! I’m real excited to start month 2 right away and I’m planning on starting the max workouts on Sunday. I feel really good and want to push through instead of doing the same core cardio & balance workout during recovery week.

I did a kettlebell workout right after pure cardio and cardio abs.

Kettlebell 300
Compete all 25 reps before moving on to other arm. Take as much rest as needed. Compete as fast as you can using correct form.
Swings 25 reps each arm
Press 25 reps each arm
Squats 25 reps each arm
High Pulls 25 reps each arm
Cleans 25 reps each arm
Snatches 25 reps each arm

I’ve completed a total of 300 reps in 15 min 15 sec with a 35lb kettlebell. Try to beat that sucka!

Time to eat!

Day 25 – Cardio Recovery

21 Mar

Good to see that I won’t be seeing the Cardio Recovery workout for a while and getting ready for new workouts. After cardio recovery, I did a kettlebell workout called race to 400.

Race to 400
You have to complete all 50 reps before moving on to the other arm and complete 100 reps before moving onto the next exercise. Take as many breaks as you want. Goal is to reach 400 reps as fast as possible, hopefully beating your previous times at each challenge.
50 swings per arm
50 presses per arm
50 cleans per arm
50 snatches per arm

First time 24 min 17 sec with a 35lb bell.

Day 23 – Plyo Cardio Circuit

19 Mar

Managed to do very well on the push ups during level 1 drills but I bet having an extra day had something to do with it. Looking forward to starting a whole set of Insanity exercises very soon. I feel like my body is not surprised by the workout anymore even though they are still tough to do as they were the first week.