Day 11 – Swing, Lift, Evolve

7 Mar


I did a power kettlebell workout this morning from Skogg at Home Phase 2 which focused on cadence/tempo as follows for 3 rounds, 2 minute rounds, 1:15 sec rest after each exercise:

Rounds 1
Floor Cleans – every 5 secs/rep
Push Press – every 5 secs/rep
Floor Snatch – every 5 secs/rep
Round 2 – Same sequence as Round 1 – rep every 10 secs/rep
Round 3 – Same sequence as Round 1 – rep every 15 secs/rep

Firing up a rep every 5 seconds for push press was the toughest of the run. For the first round you may want to use a lighter bell then go heavier as you increase your rounds.

In the evening I did Cardio Power and Resistance. All I can say is that my endurance is getting better and I’m able to push through parts of the workout where last week I’ve would have stopped to take a break.

I’m really not that hungry today for some reason so I’m going to have a green smoothie for dinner and munch on 4oz of chicken breast and drink a casein shake an hour before bed.

See you savages mañana!



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