Day 26 – Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs & Kettlebell 300

22 Mar


I got one more workout to complete month 1 of Insanity! I’m real excited to start month 2 right away and I’m planning on starting the max workouts on Sunday. I feel really good and want to push through instead of doing the same core cardio & balance workout during recovery week.

I did a kettlebell workout right after pure cardio and cardio abs.

Kettlebell 300
Compete all 25 reps before moving on to other arm. Take as much rest as needed. Compete as fast as you can using correct form.
Swings 25 reps each arm
Press 25 reps each arm
Squats 25 reps each arm
High Pulls 25 reps each arm
Cleans 25 reps each arm
Snatches 25 reps each arm

I’ve completed a total of 300 reps in 15 min 15 sec with a 35lb kettlebell. Try to beat that sucka!

Time to eat!


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