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TRX Force: Week 2: Day 2

30 Apr


This morning I finished up Leo Frincu’s book, Choosing Freedom. The last few chapters he drops a lot of insight into freeing yourself from yourself. There are times where you get too comfortable with your life and stop seeking challenges. He gives many examples from his life where he walked away from good opportunities because they didn’t line up with his overall dreams and goals.

 But if one is to truly live free, seeking emotional freedom only comes with facing that inner person and coming to terms with it. Life is one long progression that is never carved in stone. No matter where we are in life, we have the power to change it, to make it better, to live free and with purpose and leave behind a legacy. Thanks Leo!

Tomorrow is a rest day. I hit the TRX in a 80 degree garage today and felt like a sauna. I left the floor a dripping mess. “A drop of sweat on the drill ground will save many drops of blood on the battlefield.” Gen. August Willich, US Army.


TRX Force: Week 2 Day 1

29 Apr


One thing that I like about working out with the TRX is how stronger your core gets. It took about a week to feel it’s impact. Every time I move, I feel that the intention comes from my middle. I’ve even noticed that my core gets engaged when doing something as common as walking. You’ll be surprised how much of a workout you get from straps attached to an anchor point with nothing holding your body up. Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout and keeping the positive momentum moving.

TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program Week 1 – Done

26 Apr


I completed 4 workouts in a row to have the weekend off and recover. The workouts got tough as the week progressed. The last 2 workouts you had to repeat the workout twice. My shoulder/back area feels tired but I know it will be worth it. Going to focus extra on my diet this weekend and keep alcohol is a 2 beer per sitting minimum. Then as the program advances, cut alcohol completely to see fat lost result. I’m really feeling motivated as beach season is around the corner.

I’m reading this good book called Choosing Freedom by Leo Frincu. Leo is the current woman’s UFC Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey’s trainer. Leo begins with life in communist Romania in the 70s and 80s. The repressed form of life was his motivation to seek life elsewhere. Wrestling was his ticket out. Through wresting he was focused to get to the championship level so that he can travel and leave Romania behind. I’m about half way through it. It’s one of those inspirational books about determination and goal setting that are hard to put down. Recommended!

Week 1: Day 3 TRX

25 Apr


I woke up and weighted myself to realize I lost a couple pounds down to 182.8. Yesterday I made an effort to drink half my body weight in oz of water which came out to be 2 liters and 3 cups. I made it easy and just drank 3 liters. I even had a burger yesterday along with several servings of spaghetti. I was thinking I was going to gain some weight based on how much I ate. Funny how last week while doing Insanity, I couldn’t even lose 2 pounds and here I’m doing TRX workouts and the scale is budging. Feeling good starting out the first week.

Week 1: Day 2 TRX

24 Apr


After a long hiatus of not using the TRX to workout, it feels like seeing an old friend. The tactical conditioning program starts you off slow but controlled focusing on mastering moving correctly with every rep. Eventually developing a 350-degree strong core and learning to engage and brace the core while performing basic movements like the plank.

It’s a relief that I’m not spending close to an hour like I was last week doing Insanity and still working my body with the TRX. As the program progress, it will get harder and workout longer.

New Challenge TRX 12-Week Program

23 Apr


After completing my second round of Insanity I felt that the results I wanted have yet to be obtained. I admit that the fault was my own with my part time good eating habits. It was my beer binging that did me in and wasted all the time and hard work invested. But I’m holding on to all that didn’t work and moving forward with my new found knowledge while it’s still fresh.

Today I started Day 1 of a 12 Week Conditioning program using the TRX suspension trainer. This will be my second round having completed the program 2 winters ago. I was really please with the results and it made me a believer of working your body in 3D. What I like about using the TRX is that it focuses on your core. All the movements require you to start from a plank.

I’m making an extra effort in not letting beer get in my way towards my health and fitness goals this time. I hope you’ll join me and follow my journey using the TRX.


Day 55 – Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs ** Insanity Completed **

20 Apr


I got the hardest part of my weekend done and over with. Insanity Round 2 is in the books. It took me an extra 2 days to complete the program (I skipped recovery week and all fit test) and I blame it on poor diet choices and beer binging during the first month. I could have lost more weight if I moderated my beer drinking during the week. This being my second round, I should have known better. The last 2 weeks of the program I managed to scale back my drinking and if I want to see drastic result, beer binging has got to go! Most important to me is my cardio is through the roof.

Going to take tomorrow off and back to swinging kettlebells and using TRX suspension training on Monday. I got 5 more days of my 60 Day Challenge left!