Day 38 – Max Interval Circuit and Bike Ride

3 Apr


Even though there’s 3 circuits in this disc, I’m not dreading it like I was last week. I even feel like my endurance is getting better by taking less breaks. I just wish I knew how many calories I’m burning. I’ve hit 160 bpm during this workout. Unfortunately, my new gps HRM I bought last week doesn’t calculate calorie consumption based on heart rate. It uses distance traveled, weight and age in a similar way that a treadmill does for which indoor activity like Insanity, it’s useless. I’ll be doing some trail running after Insanity so I’ll put this gps hrm to use then. I’m thinking about still buying a simpler one that just calulates heart rate, calories and time. Even if I use it for the last 2 weeks of Insanity.

Life got in the way yesterday so I should have done MIC yesterday but got too late and I didn’t want to half ass the workout. Not only did I complete MIC today but rode for 20 miles on the mountain bike!


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