Day 54 – Max Interval Plyo

19 Apr


The final straightaway is in sight. Time to sprint to the finish. Second to last day of the Insanity program. Looking like by this time tomorrow, Round 2 of Insanity – DONE. So many times I felt like stopping and quitting Insanity but I got one more in me. The main reason I kept going was the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a workout. I knew so many people that started but never finished and worst, others that bought the program but never started. I am not like them.

Yes, there are times when it does gets hard but if you don’t push yourself, how do you know what you are made of? In times of emergencies do you freeze and wither? We have to fight and push through our negative attitudes and weaknesses to become the new person we strive for and leave behind our past. Each day we grow and evolve into the person you were meant to be.

Mind, Body, and Fighting Spirit…Pure Savagery Style


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