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TRX Force: Week 6 – Day 2

28 May


Lately I’ve been feeling good working out with the TRX and feel I can add more to my plate. Today I did my hour TRX workout, drank a protein shake then out the door to the local park to try out my heart rate monitor. I did this without planning out the day and just went with how I felt. When your body tells you that it’s OK to push harder, run faster and run longer, without thinking about it, you’ve reached your next fitness level. It’s a free pass to test your personal record. Many people will go ahead and test their limits without properly preparing to train and that’s how injuries arise.

I’ve tried many free running apps for my android and many lose satellite signal or are not very accurate. Not to mention that 1% when they do actually work, you’re left with a drained cell phone. It was nice to bypass all those issues with my new Garmin Forerunner 305. All I really care about is time and distance when I go on a run but having heart rate data, calories burned and a map of your run is a bonus. Today concluded with a 3.21 mile run which was my fist run of the year. Not bad for not having any training runs under my belt this year. It speaks volumes of what type of program the TRX Suspension Trainer really is. I new all those one-legged squats and lunges were not done in vain. Helps you run without ever going on a run!


TRX Force: Week 6 – Day 1

27 May

ImageStarting the day/week off on the right foot and working out on a holiday. Many will take off and instead indulge on BBQ. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as it’s within moderation. I’m going to repeat what worked for me last week and cook some healthy meals ahead of time. Looking forward to making kale chips, grilling healthy bacon burgers and chicken breast and a green smoothie as a snack.

TRX Force: Week 5 Complete!

25 May


I had a good week workout and diet wise and was able to complete my 5th week of the TRX program. Almost half way through. Those TRX Incline Presses are tough and today’s workout didn’t neglect the legs. Did 3 different leg exercises, 1 legged squats, 1 legged lunges and 1 legged abducted lunges.

Planning a distance ride on my rest day next week on the road bike. Going for my longest ride this year, 70+ miles.

TRX Force: Week 5 – Day 3 – Move More Eat Less

24 May


I jumped on the scale this morning to find out that I’m 5 pounds lighter than I was earlier this week on Sunday with still an extra day to the week. I finally broke the 180lb barrier and dipped under to 179.4lb. As I reflect on the past week to keep doing what’s obviously working it’s “Move More Eat Less!” But you just can’t eat anything, it has to be clean. On Tuesday I went grocery shopping to buy halibut and grass feed top sirloin along with veggies and fruits. I fired up the grill and cooked enough for 2.5 days worth of meals. I also made a green smoothie with kale, spirulina, goji berries, chia seeds, blueberry powder, banana, strawberries with filter water that I drink twice a day as a snack and for breakfast. Feeling good heading into the weekend. I need 5 more pounds to hit my birthday goal of 174 lb.

TRX Force: Rest Day – 31 Mile Bike Ride

23 May


Today was my rest day for Week 5 of the TRX program and was going to go on a trail run but felt I was neglecting my Colnago Ace road bike. It was a 55 degree cloudy day with 20 mile per hour winds coming from the north in the far western suburbs of Chicago. I didn’t know where I want to go or how far, I just wanted to ride.

I did a loop around where I live and ended up riding south on the Fox River Trail. The picture above is at the Fabyan Forest Perserve in Batavia, Illinois. The Fabyan Windmill in the background is a 68-foot, 5-story structure originally built by Louis Blackhaus, a German craftsman, between 1850 and 1860. I ended my ride going through Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and riding along the buffalo that live on the property.

TRX Force: Week 5 – Day 2

22 May


Today I weighted myself and I’m down to 181.4lb. That’s the lowest I’ve weighted since April 20, which is a little over a month ago. It’s a small victory but that’s all the momentum I need to get me on my way to lose 10 pounds by my birthday next month.  Tomorrow is my day off and I’m planning on hitting the trails and going on a run.

TRX Force: Week 5 – Day 1

21 May

I started my first day of Phase 2 today. Phase 2 promises more complex unilateral strength movements in more challenging body positions. I looked over some of the movements for this month and I’ll be practicing resisting rotation, applying rotational forces and using the core to effectively channel strength through the center of my body and into my arms and legs. Today I did a TRX Incline Plank but as the weeks go by and I get stronger, the movement will progress into a TRX Incline Press.


To finished today’s workout, I went grocery shopping on my bike for a 21 mile round trip.