TRX Force: Week 3: Day 2 + 17 Mile Bike Ride

7 May


Today I got up early to knock out my TRX workout. I also had a job interview and decided to bike there. I knew if I biked first, I may talk myself out of working out later in the day. So I hit the TRX, showered then jumped on my bike to the interview. Good news, I got the job but I was a bit shocked to get the job on the spot! Everything is happening so fast. I also start taking a 9 week front-end dev training coarse on June 4th. I get the feeling that this summer will go by in a blur. I got a lot of hard work ahead of me juggling work and school.

As an extra incentive, my new job is fairly easy to bike to. It’s a little over 17 miles round trip. It will definitely help me to boost up my bike mileage this year and eat up some calories. I have to burn this belly blubber pronto as summer is almost here! So far I’ve ridden 612 miles.

Time to roll!


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