TRX Force: Week 5 – Day 3 – Move More Eat Less

24 May


I jumped on the scale this morning to find out that I’m 5 pounds lighter than I was earlier this week on Sunday with still an extra day to the week. I finally broke the 180lb barrier and dipped under to 179.4lb. As I reflect on the past week to keep doing what’s obviously working it’s “Move More Eat Less!” But you just can’t eat anything, it has to be clean. On Tuesday I went grocery shopping to buy halibut and grass feed top sirloin along with veggies and fruits. I fired up the grill and cooked enough for 2.5 days worth of meals. I also made a green smoothie with kale, spirulina, goji berries, chia seeds, blueberry powder, banana, strawberries with filter water that I drink twice a day as a snack and for breakfast. Feeling good heading into the weekend. I need 5 more pounds to hit my birthday goal of 174 lb.


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