TRX Force: Week 7 – Done

7 Jun


Another week in the books. 5 more weeks of the program left and I feel great heading into summer. Today’s workout had one of the hardest sequences in the last few weeks for legs. 2 rounds consist of 4 different TRX movements and the last round has 3 different TRX movements for a total of 3 rounds with rest inbetween. After you complete the 1st round, rest as needed before repeating the round and moving onto the 2nd round, repeat and 3rd round, repeat.

The 2nd round’s sequence as follows:

TRX Side Plank (Single Leg w/ Knee Tuck) – 10 reps each leg
TRX Hip Press (Single Leg) – 10 reps each leg
TRX Lunge – 12 reps each leg
TRX Squat (Single Leg) to Crossing Balance Lunge – 8 reps each leg

It’s a good sequence to try on it’s own for a leg day. Remember, no rest in between movements until you complete the round or all 4 TRX exercises.


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