TRX Force: Week 8 – Day 1

10 Jun


Heading into my last week of month 2 before I start the last month of this 3 month program I’m most proud of not having skipped a workout and fallen behind. During my first round last year, I started falling behind around week 6 and it ended up taking 17 weeks to do a 12 week program. Much of that had to do with poor beer/food binging choices. My schedule was inconsistent and got in the way of taking advantage of this great program.

Tips on how to stay consistent with a training program. What worked for me on this round was making the workout as enjoyable as possible. I’ve moved my boombox to the garage to move along with my favorite music to get pumped and motivated. Also, planning the workout ahead of time. That way you don’t have to think about what to do but just concentrate on executing the movement/rep as best as you can. Last, is having a support group. Tell as many people as possible that you’re working out and what you’re doing to hold yourself accountable. This blog is my support group.


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