TRX Force: Week 12 – Day 3

11 Jul


Just one more workout to go to complete the 12 week program. Tomorrow is a test day, but I’ve been replacing the test days with kettlebell workouts. I’ve done 4 workouts in a row without rest and it’s amazing how having a positive attitude can give you the energy to workout on days you’ll rather be elsewhere.

Today, I did a new TRX movement that I haven’t done before. It’s a TRX hinge (single arm) to a push up with a clock press. As you start to hinge, you can feel your core fire and tighten up. Then as you move into a push up position, your free hand touches the ground and your other hand in the strap does a 3 O’Clock press as you perform the push up. Come back up and do a reverse hinge and complete for 10 reps each arm. Here’s a video without a clock press at the end.


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