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Kettlebell and Yoga

20 Aug


I started doing Classical Surya Namaskara, which is just another fancy name for Sun Salutations with a 20 step sequence. I did 6 cycles and wanted to warm up my core right after. I did a sitting v position or Navasana. I did 3 set for 5 breaths before doing cobra to balance my body. I also did Dhanurasana or Bow Pose for 3 sets at 5 breaths a piece. To finish off my yoga practice I went into Bakasana, or Crow’s Pose. This asana was challenging as I know I’m strong enough to lift my body onto my 2 arms and but lack the concentration to balance and hold the pose.

I did a couple kettlebell complexes straight out of Keith Weber’s DvD.

Swing Workout10 hot potatoes between exercises
10 Swings each side
10 High Pulls each side
10 Snatches each side
20 Alternating Swings each side
10 Cleans each side
10 Clean and Presses each side

Slingshot10 slingshots between exercises10 2-handed squats
10 2-handed presses
10 2-handed squats presses
10 2-handed squats presses
10 2-handed swing catch
10 2-handed swing catch squat press
10 2-handed swing


Losing 10 Pounds In 1 Month!

16 Aug


With 2 weeks to spare, I reached my goal of weighing 170lb by the end of August. My body fat is at 19% and 27.4 BMI. I’ve been trying since the beginning of the year to drop my body fat into the teens and now today is that day.

How did I do it? I moved more and ate less. I worked out in a fasted state. I ate foods that my body needed – nothing more, nothing less. I cut out soft drinks and drastically cut down my use of alcohol. I mostly drank water and green tea sometimes up to 3 liters a day. My meals were centered around eating lean protein and drinking smoothies made of veggies and fruit. That’s it. Nothing to exciting. Honestly I don’t feel any different. Maybe until I try on those tight jeans.

What helped me the most is cycling 15 miles round trip to work and working at a job that requires me to always be moving and standing up to 9 hours a day. On top of this I still did my workouts at Pure Savagery HQ, whether using kettlebells, TRX, jump roping, jogging or yoga. Even if it was 15-30 minutes 4 times a week, I still did it. And yes, I am very tired and my body is out of wack but nothing comes easy if you want results.

Today I started out with yoga and wanted to incorporate a sequenced movement that flowed together after warming up with 6 cycles of Sun Salutations. I used Mark Stephens’s book, Yoga Sequencing, and one of his basic intros to yoga class sequences and practiced variations of warrior, downward dog, wheel and forward lunge. I’ll be using this book more as my practice strengthens.

I finished my day with a 5k around the park and beat my previous best by 3 minutes. I’m already thinking about my next goal and would like to see my progress continue and see where it takes me.

Stay Savaged!

Jump and Swing

15 Aug


After my morning fasted workouts, I’m down to 172.4 lb. Within reach of my 170 lb weight goal before August 31. I started with yoga practice and tried to challenge myself by doing a headstand. To my surprise, I was able to pick up my feet off the ground but would lose my balance when I tried to straighten my legs up. I’ve never been able to do that without using a wall for support.

Then I headed into Pure Savagery HQ and knocked out today’s 20 minute workout.

Jump rope/Burpees5 sets, rest as needed
100 jump ropes + 10 burpees = 1 set

50 Kettlebells Swings – Left arm
50 Kettlebells Swings – right arm

Walking With A Swing In Your Step

13 Aug

I brought my kettlebell outside with me today and wanted to incorporate a traveling step to a kettlebell movement. I set the timer for 20 minutes after a warm up and used a 16kg bell.

Walking Kettlebell Darcy Swing
After you swing, switch and catch with other arm while taking a step forward. Walk 20 yards, rest then turnaround. Perform 4-6 sets.

Snatching A Lunge
Perform 5 snatches then forward lunge so knee touches ground on opposite leg from arm performing snatch. Stand up and step forward. Switch to other arm and repeat. Travel 20 yards and turn around. Perform 2-4 sets.

Finisher – Clean and Press – 10 reps per side – 2 sets – no rest


12 Aug


Today was in the high 70s and decided to take my workout outside. I jumped on the scale and weighted 175.8 lb this morning. After doing a 5K, bike riding 8 miles and walking the dogs I weighted myself again and saw the scale move down to 172.4 lb. The lowest I’ve been in 2 years! My goal is to reach 170 by the end of August. With a couple more weeks left, it is certainly attainable.

I understand that it’s probably water weight that I lost but I did exercise in a fasted state. So I know my body was burning more fat than carbs. I was overly motivated to run the fastest 5K either as long as I worked up a sweat and was burning calories. Move more, eat less.

Rise and Shine

9 Aug


Last couple of days, I’ve decided to start my days differently. Before, I turn on the computer, before making breakfast, I roll out of bed and unroll my yoga mat. I sit motionless for what seem like eternity and breathe. I then do 6 cycles of the sun salutation to warm up my body for the day ahead. Then I practice one asana before Shavasana and my final mediation of intent.

I wanted to work on 2 of my favorite movements. The Turkish Get Up and TRX Burpee. I set the timer for 20 minutes after my warmup. Rest as need.

Turkish Get Up
Left side, at the top of movement perform 10 kettlebell swings before coming back down and doing the right side. Do 2 sets.

TRX Burpee  (One Legged)
Traditional burpee but add a knee tuck and double up the movements for 5 sets.
With one foot in the straps, perform 2 pushups, 2 knee tucks, then 2 jumps for 5 set before moving on to the other side.

That’s 1 round. See how many you can do in 20 minutes. Get that blood pumpin my savages!

Back To The Swing Of Things

7 Aug


Hey Savages, it’s been awhile. Started a new job that’s physically demanding with late hours that has my schedule all messed up. The best part is that I get to ride my bike on a 15.5 mile round trip to and from work so it’s not like I’m completely slacking off.

With my new job and change of diet, I’m down to 176.6 pounds. My goal is to get to 170 before the end of August.

Today I busted out the jump rope and 2 – 12kg kettlebells. I was able to do 5 rounds. See how many rounds you can do in 15 minutes. Rest as needed and make sure to warm up.

1 round = 100 jump ropes + 10 double kettlebell snatches