Rise and Shine

9 Aug


Last couple of days, I’ve decided to start my days differently. Before, I turn on the computer, before making breakfast, I roll out of bed and unroll my yoga mat. I sit motionless for what seem like eternity and breathe. I then do 6 cycles of the sun salutation to warm up my body for the day ahead. Then I practice one asana before Shavasana and my final mediation of intent.

I wanted to work on 2 of my favorite movements. The Turkish Get Up and TRX Burpee. I set the timer for 20 minutes after my warmup. Rest as need.

Turkish Get Up
Left side, at the top of movement perform 10 kettlebell swings before coming back down and doing the right side. Do 2 sets.

TRX Burpee  (One Legged)
Traditional burpee but add a knee tuck and double up the movements for 5 sets.
With one foot in the straps, perform 2 pushups, 2 knee tucks, then 2 jumps for 5 set before moving on to the other side.

That’s 1 round. See how many you can do in 20 minutes. Get that blood pumpin my savages!


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