Kettlebell and Yoga

20 Aug


I started doing Classical Surya Namaskara, which is just another fancy name for Sun Salutations with a 20 step sequence. I did 6 cycles and wanted to warm up my core right after. I did a sitting v position or Navasana. I did 3 set for 5 breaths before doing cobra to balance my body. I also did Dhanurasana or Bow Pose for 3 sets at 5 breaths a piece. To finish off my yoga practice I went into Bakasana, or Crow’s Pose. This asana was challenging as I know I’m strong enough to lift my body onto my 2 arms and but lack the concentration to balance and hold the pose.

I did a couple kettlebell complexes straight out of Keith Weber’s DvD.

Swing Workout10 hot potatoes between exercises
10 Swings each side
10 High Pulls each side
10 Snatches each side
20 Alternating Swings each side
10 Cleans each side
10 Clean and Presses each side

Slingshot10 slingshots between exercises10 2-handed squats
10 2-handed presses
10 2-handed squats presses
10 2-handed squats presses
10 2-handed swing catch
10 2-handed swing catch squat press
10 2-handed swing


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