Back to the Swing of Things

29 Sep


Sad to say that Pure Savagery was neglected due to work. Although I was biking to work everyday and my job was physically demanding, I was unofficially working out. Still managed to keep my weight under 170 pounds.

My new goal for October is to reach 163 pounds by the end of the month. I know what it takes first hand to lose weight. Although everybody is different, what seemed to work for me was lifting kettlebells and doing cardio while eating a clean diet. Many in the health industry shun cardio but I found that it keeps the workouts from becoming routine and it’s a great way to burn more calories.

I was going to take today off but wanted to get a jump on my new goal for October. Today’s kettlebell workout was a sequence I made up as I was lulling myself to sleep while taking a nap today. I think this sequence flows really well and it’s great for those days where you don’t have a lot of time but want to get a quick workout in.

Double Trouble – Alternate between Sequence A and B for 2 runs.
(A) – Perform sequence for 1 set. Complete 5 sets with no rest until you reach 5 sets.
– Rest.
(B) – Perform each movement for 5 reps before moving on to the next movement.
– No rest until you
complete the last rep of the last movement.

Double Kettlebell Swing
Double Kettlebell High Pull
Double Kettlebell Snatch
Double Kettlebell Clean
Double Kettlebell Push Press
Double Kettlebell Lunge Right Leg
Double Kettlebell Lunge Left Leg


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