The Grind

9 Oct



Today I did another workout from Keith Weber’s Extreme 2 Kettlebell DVD. I did a sequence called The Grind which involved 5 reps of windmills, overhead squats, thrusters, squat kicks and clean & presses all on the same side. Then do 10 around the worlds before running the same sequence on the other side. You do 2 sets and on your 3rd set you alternate sides after each movement to give you somewhat of a rest. Then you wrap it up with 20 two handed swings. I did the workout using a 12kg bell. Next time I want to use my 16kg bell and drop set when I can’t hold my form.

I used the TRX as a finisher today and did 3 sets of 5 reps of TRX pikes and 20 TRX mountain climbers.


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