Double Kettlebell Burpee

24 Oct


I’ve been wanting to do a burpee while incorporating kettlebells, so I came up with the Double Kettlebell Burpee. Gets your heart pumping, especially while doing the last 2 sets. If you want more of a challenge, shorten your rest to 30 seconds and increase your bell size. I’m really into full body workouts that include exercises working your upper and lower body sometimes all at once. Today’s workout takes about 30 minutes, perfect for those crunch time days.

Double Kettlebell Burpee
5 sets. Rest 1 minute after each set.
2 Double Kettlebell Swings
2 Double Kettlebell Snatches
2 Pushups on the Kettlebell handles
Repeat 5 times to equal 1 set. Make your movements flow as if you were performing a burpee.

Kettlebell Windmills
Repeat for 2 sets. No rest. After last set, 10 1arm kettlebell swings left arm, then right arm.
5 Kettlebell Windmills (Left Arm)
5 Kettlebell Windmills (Right Arm)

Double Kettlebell Front Squat
6 reps equals 1 set. Rest 30 seconds. Perform 6 sets.

TRX Double Leg Tuck Side Plank
2 sets. 7 Reps each side. 30 second rest after set.


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