70 Mile Bike Ride

1 Nov


I decided to take a break from working out indoors and took my workout outside. I figured today would be one of the last good riding days left of the year with Winter around the corner. I woke up early, hopped on my bike towards Chicago and back. The result is 69.43 miles in 50 degree weather and 15 mile per hour winds from the west with slight mist/drizzle. I had a good tailwind into Chicago but coming back was brutal. I rode into the headwind as I started cramping on both calves and right hamstring around the 55th mile. I’m guessing all those squats and jump rope last night had something to do with it.

I was far from home, so with some deep breathing and a change in attitude, I finally made it home to tell about it. I also burned 3,000 calories! I’m a bit tired but I’m already thinking about hopping on the bike tomorrow!!! (?) Representing Pure Savagery!


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