Art of Strength Firepower Workout DVD

24 Dec


I know I’ve been missing in action lately but I’ve decided to take a break from my usual training and take advantage of the snowy weather here in Chicago. Three years ago I bought some cross country skis that have been neglected due to the mild and warm winters we’ve had. But this year, the snow came early and it looks like it is staying awhile.

All last week, I’ve been making tracks trying to perfect my gliding motion. I started out clumsy but now I feel like I’m getting the hang of it. Each day I would try to ski longer than the day before, then I wanted to see how far I was going. I got about a mile and a half in 32 minutes. Nothing to brag about, but I’ll come home streaming.

Christmas came early this year and I got a new 16kg kettlebell to pair up with my other 16kg so now I can double up some of my kettlebell movements. Along with the kettlebell I got a workout DVD called Firepower made by Anthony Diluglio of Art of Strength.

I’ve always wanted one of Anthony Diluglio’s kettlebell DVD and now I finally got to workout to one today. I’m not ready to give a full review yet but I really enjoyed the workout! He give excellent cues and does a great job of keeping you motivated.

I plan on doubling my workouts using this new Firepower Workout DVD in the day and hitting the snow in the evening.




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