Last Workout Of The Year!

31 Dec


What a year. So many highs and so many lows. Really looking forward to what next year brings. This past year, I’ve learned a lot about diet and exercise. I’m just pleased that for the whole year I was able to maintain an exercise program. I’ve completed Insanity for the second time and also did the TRX Force Tactical Conditioning Program a second time as well. I’ve done Pat Flynn’s 21 Day Transformation Challenge and his kettlebell complexes. Workouts from The Skogg System, Art of Strength and Keith Webber.

The one thing I learned this past year was that, no matter how many workouts you do for however long, you’re not going to see your body change unless you change your diet. It’s as simple as that! A healthy lifestyle to me is 80% diet, 15% mental and 5% physical. If this year I learned about different workouts, next year I want to focus on proper diet and nutrition. Even if it means cutting out some of my favorite foods and beverages. This past Christmas, I’ve already abandoned soda pop and replaced it with green tea. I’ve been drinking one green smoothie a day and I’ve already notices changes to my skin.

Today was suppose to be my rest day but I wanted to finish the year strong. I did a TRX workout that I got for free called the TRX 300K Strong Workout. You can get it free too if you sign up on their Facebook page. Workout consist of 6 rounds of upper and lower body plus abdominal work that can be done in 30 minutes. If you’ve neglected your core, give this workout a shot.

Happy New Year To All The Savages! Let’s get really for a new year of challenges!


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