Sunday, No Funday

12 Jan


Thinking that I was going to spend the day performing intermittent swings throughout the day with my goal reaching 400 swings for the day. I had a change of plans and had to visit a relative in the hospital. I started two sets, then went to the hospital thinking that well, “Two sets are better than none.”

While at the hospital, I was thinking of taking the rest of the day off and get back at it tomorrow. I really had my heart set on finishing this challenge on Tuesday being the 12th day because honestly, I’m getting bored with this challenge. It makes me feel guilty writing that but it’s the truth. What keeps me still swinging is that I don’t want to quit what I’ve already started. Plus I promised myself that I’ll buy a 20kg competition kettlebell at the end of this challenge. :O

Set 1: 35 reps
Set 2: 40 reps
Set 3: 45 reps
Set 4: 60 reps
Set 5: 65 reps
Set 6: 60 reps
Total: 305 swings

Day: 10/21
Swings: 2,522


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