3,002 Kettlebell Swings in 11 Days…

13 Jan


…and I’m still alive and able to walk! It was rough at the beginning. I was sore for two days after the first day but the soreness dissipated the more I kept swinging. The challenge was to swing 3,000 kettlebell swings in the span of 21 days. I’m glad to have done it in half the time with a 16kg bell and I still took 2 days off at the beginning of the challenge.

I broke two personal records for this challenge and was glad to do them on my last day. The first was I was able to reach over 300 swings in 20 minutes beating my previous record by two minutes. The second was performing the most swings in a day, 480.

After completing my daily goal of 300 swings after the fifth set, I only need 173 swings to reach 3,000. I didn’t want to waste another day doing this challenge and got back to swinging for an additional three sets.

Set 1: 60 reps
Set 2: 70 reps
Set 3: 65 reps
Set 4: 70 reps
Set 5: 40 reps
Set 6: 60 reps
Set 7: 70 reps
Set 8: 45 reps
Total: 480 swings

Day: 11/21
Swings: 3,002  **Challenge Completed**

I’m looking forward to adding more variety to my workouts after today. I’m going to buy a new 20kg competition bell as my reward for finishing to the end and reaching my goal in half the time.

Now time to give my kettle booty time to heal and get back to normal size.



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