Modified Great Destroyer

16 Jan


After finishing my 3,000 kettlebell swings challenge on Monday, I was going to take the rest of the week to recover and do mobility exercises. One of my goals this years was to get back into committing to a spiritual practice. Now that I’ve been working out, I’ve untapped the secret in making an endeavor a habit and it’s simply… to start. Once you see improvements, it adds fuel to the fire to keep going and maybe inspire others along the way.

I’ve started simple and spend 5-10 mediating before proceeding to a light yoga practice that involves 4-6 cycles of the sun salutations. Then I practice 1-2 different asanas to add daily variety. I’ve noticed that I’m much more relaxed and able to fall asleep easier. I’m not easily annoyed by others.

I warmed up with my yoga practice before visiting an old favorite, Pat Flynn’s The Great Destroyer. Although this time, I just used one 16kg bell. I was able to run through the complex without rest. After you finish one side, switch to the other side before moving on to the next movement. If you wanted to make it more challenging, you can stay on the same side and run through all the movement then switch to the other side. 


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