Ritual de lo Habitual

21 Jan

This past week I’ve been doing a good job of starting and keeping a daily home yoga and meditation practice. I’ve stopped and started with yoga so many times often hitting a wall where I couldn’t progress on asansas as fast as I wanted or simply grew frustrated and bored. This time, it just feels different. Since I’ve been working out with kettlebells, I’ve also become interested in calisthenics. Being able to be strong using your own body is intriguing. I’ve seen the videos on youtube of athletes performing handstand pushups and into planches. I admire the ability to have control over your own body but more so the mental will made of carbon fiber.

I see the similarities of calisthenics and yoga and can already see and feel how practicing one module helps me out when practicing the other. Yoga helps me build better mobility when performing the illusive overhand squat. I’m not there like Keith Weber but I’m slowly inching towards new flexible milestones.

But like all things, at least for me, doing the same thing gets tiresome. I’ve seen programs from Dan John and Pavel Tsatsouline where you do the same curriculum for 40 days. Of coarse you’re going to get strong because your body will adapt to these new stress levels. As your body starts getting stronger, what happens to your bored, miserable mind? I started seeing this in myself when I was doing nothing but swings for 2 weeks. I was getting really good and comfortable with swings. At first I didn’t like doing them, then I did, then I didn’t. Perhaps I could have moved up to the next size bell if my budget allowed.

It helps to add some spontaneity into your routine program just enough to trick the mind. Like if you do 300 daily swings, add a Turkish Get Up after 25 swings. Today I was practicing my Sun Salutations and I’ve notices I’m able to hold asanas much longer and get into them deeper but my mind starts to wonder more and more. This is the perfect opportunity to add some spontaneity into the mix. I added the Dancing Warrior into the middle of my Sun Salutation to add a new challenge and do keep my mind focused. It worked.


On a side note and speaking of routines, I haven’t had a can of soda since Christmas. Go Me! I’ve replaced coke with green tea for my caffeine fix and it helped me ease off of the empty calories.


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