Making Strides

24 Feb


For that last month, I’ve only been doing the Simple and Sinister kettlebell complex and have seen great improvement in my conditioning. I complete the workout 4 times a week and designate the first workout of the week (Monday) to test against time. I have the weekend to recover and a day after my cheat day, there’s no better day to pick to benchmark against previous weeks. Plus, it limits my indulgences during the weekend knowing that I have to be at my best on Monday to bring that time down.

The first time I tested myself it took me 22.5 minutes to complete 5 sets of 3x Reverse Turkish Get Up (16kg bell) and 10 Double Kettlebell Swings (2x16kg bells). The second, 20 minutes and 52 seconds and today, 18 minutes and 34 seconds. Last week I started thinking of how long it was going to take to bring that time to under 20 minutes. Today, I answered that question and surprised that I kicked more that 2.5 minutes from my previous time. I was focused and determined and tried to keep my rest times as short as I needed. You have to be careful when you work for time so that your form doesn’t get sloppy.

Looking forward to bringing that time down close to the 18 minute mark next week!


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