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Day 15 – Speed & Agility

31 Mar


It seems like forever that I haven’t done this workout. Definitely my favorite workout of the series that leaves my garage floor the most puddled. Those bear crawls, in&out progression abs and mountain climber are going to be the death of my stubborn belly fat. I always feel like a boxer during the 1-2 scissor jumps during the warmup. I always visualize that I’m in the dressing room at the MGM Grand about to fight the biggest ppv boxing fight of my career against Mayweather while jump roping doing the 1-2 scissor jumps. Or that I got the camera crew of HBO 24/7 recording me train from the corner of my garage while doing the 1-2 scissor jumps.

Today marks the half way point and somewhat of a milestone! (Pat on the back). I’m thinking Asylum Volume 2. Hmmm…


Day 14 – Relief

30 Mar


With all the yoga I did yesterday, I could have easily skipped Relief today but would have felt guilty not completing the workout on the schedule. Plus you can not over stretch. Going to take the rest of the day off physically, as the next 3 days are going to be challenging with Speed & Agility tomorrow followed by Vertical Plyo and Strength.

One day at a time…

Day 13 – Strength

29 Mar


What a day. Started by going to an early morning Kundalini yoga class and walking over to another studio right after to do a regular yoga class. Lots of strength asanas to test my limits. Got to try a scissor pose arm balance for the first time. Along with forearm balance and crow pose. Didn’t think I had enough to complete Strength workout from Asylum Volume 1 today but I just did it after taking a 2 hour nap. I only missed 3 reps total from all 3 dumbbell series. I’m really glad tomorrow’s Relief.

Day 12 – Back To Core

28 Mar


One of my summer goals is to be able to incorporate pull ups into my regular workout routine. Right now I don’t have the space to hang a bar up but hope to buy a free standing power station. Performing a pull up requires a lot of strength from your back and I know this disc will help train my back. Especially the swimming movements and the wide flys with the bands.

Back To Core is not as intense as the other workouts in the series so after I finished the workout, I popped in an old favorite workout of mine and brought out the kettlebell. I did The Flow workout from Keith Weber’s Extreme Kettlebell 2 DVD as a finisher. Keith’s in top shape and rips through the workout. Sometimes I don’t like following along with the DVD because I find myself trying to keep up and don’t want to sacrifice form or run the risk of getting hurt. I write the whole routine down to go at my own pace and pop in a thrash CD to drown out my grunts and howls.

Day 11 – Game Day

27 Mar


Last night I had an easy day with Relief so I decided to go on a 2 mile run to burn more calories in the evening. As I get more acclimated to running, I’m going to turn miles runs into sets of 200 meter sprints. I have a 5K that I signed up for at the end of April that I want to run around the 25 minute mark.

I was a bit apprehensive about Game Day, I suppose it was because of the length of the workout, clocking in at around 60 minutes. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and once you’re into it, the times goes by fast. The hardest parts for me were the swimming and rock climbing segments. Also because they were placed at almost the end of the disc, you’re running on fumes. Those are 2 challenges I want to perform better next time I do Game Day.

It’s all downhill from here…

Day 10 – Relief

26 Mar



I finally made it 1/3 of the way through Asylum! It felt good to just focus on stretching out. I did a little bit more stretching on my own after Relief. I did a couple Sun Salutations A and some work on pigeon pose to open up my hips. I’m also working on Pincha Muyurasana (Forearm Balance) and use a wall for support but I’m finally able to straighten out one of my legs. I’m able to hold the pose a bit longer than before and I bet all the push ups, dumbbell presses and lat work in Asylum had something to do with it. I don’t have any evening plans and considering taking a couple yoga classes tonight.

Took a peek into tomorrow’s workout, Game Day, and it doesn’t look pretty.

Day 9 – Vertical Plyo

25 Mar


My resistance bands came in the mail today and what a difference it makes to a workout. You get double the workout within one rep. Lately my body has been feeling tired. Reminds me of week 3 of Insanity where I almost hit a wall. I guess it’s working out everyday. I’m keeping tabs on my diet and eating good carbs to help fuel my day but not too many carbs that they go straight to my love handles…ah the carb paradox.