Om Shanti Om!

15 Mar


For the last 6 weeks I’ve been exploring the Simple and Sinister Kettlebell workout. Each week I’ve seen improvements in my overall cardio taking less and less time to reach 15 Turkish Get Up and 50 Double Kettlebell Swings. Including this last week, I brought that time to my lowest, 12 minutes and 15 seconds with a 16kg bell for the TGU and 2x16kg bells for the swings. I broke up the program into 5 sets, with 3 TGU per side and 10 swings as a set. I would compare each set as doing a sprint while wearing a 40 pound fat suit for 800 meters or 2 laps around a track. There’s no better way to purify the lungs than to do this program. Guarantee you’ll finally be exhaling 2 year old air that was hiding in the lower depths of your lungs!

6 weeks has felt like 3 months doing this program 4 times a week, 2 days on 1 day off. It was a good challenge and now the time has come to challenge my body and mind to new stimuli. I took advantage over Thanksgiving and bought Insanity the Asylum Vol.1 when is was on sale. This is a program I’ve been wanting to do for a while, ever since I finished my first round of Insanity 2 years ago. When I bought the program, I was holding off until was able to buy a freestanding pull up station. Times are tough and I can not affording the pull up station now. I’m going to have to substitute pull ups for lat push up when it’s time. I’m starting the fit test tomorrow and taking measurements. It’s a 30 day program and I’m going all in keeping an extra eye on my diet.

The only things that keeps me sane nowadays is my meditation and yoga practice. I feel I’m starting to branch out and learn about the subject as much as I can. Today I attended a yoga nidra workshop at the local Ashram. Yoga nidra is meditating while lying down. You are not fully sleeping because you are still aware of your breath, mind and body. Lately I’ve been having trouble sleeping because my mind is restless bouncing from thought to thought. The first part of the workshop was lecture and the second part we got to practice guided yoga nidra. We practice for about 25 minutes due to time restraints but I felt refreshed as I drew my attention to 61 points around my body. Looking forward to practicing yoga nidra a couple times a week and eventually work my way up to 60 minutes.


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