Enter the Asylum

16 Mar


Hello, I’ve always wanted to try the Asylum workout ever since I finished my first round of Insanity 2 years ago. Over Thanksgiving I picked up Asylum on sale and was holding out until I got a free standing pull up station but right now it’s not in the budget. Well I can’t wait any longer and my first day is tomorrow having completed the fit test today.

The most weight I’ve lost while on Insanity was 8 pounds (I’ve done 2 rounds) because I wasn’t on top of my diet. I would do great during the week but horrible on the weekends. This time I know the deal. I’ve got a lot of winter weight to get rid of and can’t wait to see how much comes off.

Current Stats:
Age: 36
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 190.2 lb
Body Fat: 22.4%
BMI: 30.7
Chest: 42″
Navel: 43″
Waist: 40.5″

Fit Test 3/16/14

1) Agility Heisman: 8
2) In & Out Ab Progression: 23
3) Lat Push ups: 17
4) Mountain Climber Switch Kicks: 65
5) Agility Shoulder Taps: 4
6) X Jumps: 25
8) Moving Push ups: 3
9) Agility Lateral Shuffle: 12
10) Agility Bear Crawl: 6


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