Day 4 – Vertical Plyo

20 Mar


Out of all the Asylum workouts so far, I’ve sweated the most with Vertical Plyo. I could definitely feel the burn and the lactic acid boiling. There was even that jumping push up move (picture above) with the bands that humbled Shaun T. I did my best to not stop to take a break but it was inevitable. I’ve been practicing the jump roping moves from speed and agility after the workouts for a couple minutes. I’m finally getting coordinated enough to do the hop scotch and criss cross. I’ve done the double unders before and can knock out at least 10 in a row. The secret is once you have the momentum, just keep going. I’m going to run to the store to pick up some bands before my next run at Vertical Plyo.

I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. Now to tackle the hardest part-my diet!


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