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Asylum 2 – Day 9 – Upper Elite

30 Apr


This is the hardest workout for me out of Volume 2. Barely any cardio and full blown burn out. I definitely feel this workout the next day. Good stuff. I did a little bit better this time around but it never gets any easier, you just get stronger.

Last couple of days I’ve been juicing and drinking smoothies because I’m to lazy to go to the store. So I’m making due with what I have and there’s a sense of resourcefulness when you’re able to use all your food without letting it go to waste.


Asylum 2 – Day 8 – X Trainer

29 Apr


I really like the push up sequences in this workout. There’s a lateral jumping push up into a one arm plank and the other sequence is an assisted one arm push ups into static holds that will fire up the whole chest. I’m not strong enough or mentally coordinated to do the lateral jumping push up yet but will spend extra time away from the workout timer to get it right.

Asylum 2 – Day 6 – Championship + Fit Test (Sudden Death OT)

27 Apr


My calves were sore and my thighs filled with lactic acid from yesterday’s duathlon so I did my Sunday morning ritual of riding out to the local ashram and attending a yoga session. Felt sluggish all day and was able to pump myself up for the last workout of the week late into the night. Championship is a fun workout where you’re able to go all out. You get enough rest breaks which I used to stretch my calves.

Beach volleyball, football, and Olympic weightlifting are the new sports added with the last 3 minutes reserved for Sudden Death OT which is a fit test that includes Agility: The Audition (agility footwork drills), 4 power jumps, and 2 half burpees into an X jump equals one round. I was able to get 6.5 rounds. I blotched the order of The Audition so I can definitely get 7 next time.

I’m glad to have successfully finished my first week of Asylum 2 with a much need rest day tomorrow.

Asylum 2 – Day 5 – Off-Day Stretch and The Gita

26 Apr


Started out the day cycling to The Human Race 5k event. I ended up riding 28 miles round trip. I rode, ran and rode back. I did surprisingly well at the race, beating all my previous practice runs times last week with a sprint to the finish line with about a half mile to go.

I was amazed how Asylum helped during my run. I was able to sprint uphill and pick up my speed. If you train for a specific sport and supplement your training with Asylum, you will be ahead of the pack. While running I kept thinking, “Nobody trains harder than you do.” When the going got tough, I just got tougher.

All workouts are easy, it’s up to you to make them hard.

So I was glad to see Off-Day Stretch today on the schedule which is Asylum 1’s version of Relief. The workout was OK but I’d much prefer a regular yoga class.

I started reading The Bhagavad-Gita this weekend as I’m trying to catch up with the yoga philosophy class at the local ashram and stopped at verse 2.22:

Just as a person puts on new garments after discarding the old ones, similarly, the living entity or the individual soul acquires other new bodies after casting away the old bodies.

If the soul is eternal, why does it keep taking residence in a physical body?


Asylum 2 – Day 4 – Back & 6-Pack

25 Apr


In typical Shaun T fashion, no sit ups or crunches so that means c sit and ski abs made an appearance from Insanity. I prefer this workout than Back to Core just because of the inclusion of core work. You have to workout both sides of the coin to balance the body.

Looking forward to participating in The Human Race 5K run in Downers Grove tomorrow. A portion of the registration fees goes to a local charity of your choice. I’ll be running to help my local ashram, Yog Sadhan Ashram. Not looking to break any records, just to finish and have fun. Still undecided if I’m going to ride my bike to the event, run, and ride back. It’s going to be around a 26 mile round trip by bike. All I need to do is swim and I got myself a triathlon. I’ll probably be good for nothing the rest of the day too.

Asylum 2 – Day 3 – Power Legs

24 Apr


Yesterday’s Upper Elite workout left me tired and sore this morning. Before my workouts, I’ve been experimenting with taking half a teaspoon of ashwagandha in the morning with a cup of water for sustained energy throughout the day. Ashwagandha taste like dirt and doesn’t mix well with water. I was glad my new juicer arrived last night. I made an apple, carrot, celery, grape, lemon and kale juice to mix with the ashwagandha this morning and I couldn’t taste the ashwagandha. The body can’t digest fiber and it’s a good idea to give the digestive system a rest. Juicing allows to extract the nutrients and chew out the fiber allowing the juice to be complete absorbed by the body at once. It’s only been my second day using ashwagandha to know if it’s working or all in my head.

I was glad to see no upper body work today with the focus of leg work. I’m a year round cyclist, so I can tolerate today’s workout. Seems like Shaun T’s got a “blow out” segment in each workout to make sure you have nothing left in the tank at the very end. Glad to see the kettlebell swing incorporated into this workout albeit done with a dumbbell. I was able to bring out my kettlebell during that segment.

I’ve been keeping my diet clean and glad to see my weight dip to the high 170’s pounds this morning. I haven’t been feeling tired but I now I’m eating at a caloric deficit and moving more. I’ve been drinking my vegetables and fruits, and eating my protein.

Asylum 2 – Day 2 – Upper Elite

23 Apr


This workout should have been called The Burn Out. I just completed the workout 5 minutes ago and my nervous system is in utter shock as my arms are twitching. This is Strength from Volume 1 on steroids. If you don’t feel the burn, you’re not doing it right. It’s an onslaught of shoulder, biceps, triceps, chest and back exercises so you don’t give your upper body any chance to recover. At an hour length, welcome to the purgatory. That burning sensation is your purification into this summer’s new swimming trunks.

When it started to burn, I tried to push a bit beyond that and get an additional 2 reps in good form. I imagined tearing the fibers in my muscles and my REAL body wanted to come out.

The workout was the easy part, eating clean is the hard part.