Recovery Week – Speed & Agility

17 Apr


Hey Savages! As promised I’ve been riding bikes and jogging 5ks this week as I recover before starting Insanity The Asylum Volume 2 next week and work on losing my next 10 pounds. Today I did a workout from Asylum, Speed & Agility, to keep me focus and not lose my speed I’ve gain over the last 30 days. I think it’s the added rest this week, but I’m seeing improvements in my mountain climbing and in&out progressions. I’m able to hold out longer than before but I feel that I’m still 10 pounds away from reaching the third box without hitting the ladder.

As a treat, last night I went to see a movie (Jodorowsky’s Dune) and celebrated my completing of Asylum with pizza. I was really looking forward to pizza since I haven’t had it in over a month. The pizza was a huge let down and made me realize that maybe I’m not missing out on anything at all. I’ve had pizza with more flavor from a box in the frozen aisle at the grocery store.

The indulging of pizza last night made it perfect to make it a green smoothie day. After my workout, I had my protein shake with coconut milk and an organic egg. I recommend using coconut milk, it’s so delicious and good for you. I’ve made it from a regular and young coconut. They are so easy to make so don’t buy from the store.


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