Asylum 2 – Day 1 – Agility Tutorial and X Trainer

22 Apr


Was anxious to start Asylum 2 yesterday but held off to give myself a full week of rest. During this 30 day program, my goal is to lose 10 pounds and finish at 170 pounds. I feel I got a good handle on my diet and said no to a lot of fast food over the weekend. I grilled out over the weekend so I have steak, chicken and sausages for the week to mix with vegetables.

New moves, new sequences, same pain. Shaun T breaks down the new 8 agility sequences with an Agility Tutorial. Just like in volume 1 where the jump roping drills tripped a lot of people up, you’re going to want to spend extra time getting familiar with the agility sequences. Spending a couples before or after a workout will get you up to speed.

If Speed & Agility and Strength had a love child, X Trainer would be it. Shaun T sneaks in a strength pyramid with dumbbells and mainly uses the new agility sequences as active rest. I haven’t looked at the other DvDs yet, but I’m already looking forward to what lies ahead.


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