Asylum 2 – Day 3 – Power Legs

24 Apr


Yesterday’s Upper Elite workout left me tired and sore this morning. Before my workouts, I’ve been experimenting with taking half a teaspoon of ashwagandha in the morning with a cup of water for sustained energy throughout the day. Ashwagandha taste like dirt and doesn’t mix well with water. I was glad my new juicer arrived last night. I made an apple, carrot, celery, grape, lemon and kale juice to mix with the ashwagandha this morning and I couldn’t taste the ashwagandha. The body can’t digest fiber and it’s a good idea to give the digestive system a rest. Juicing allows to extract the nutrients and chew out the fiber allowing the juice to be complete absorbed by the body at once. It’s only been my second day using ashwagandha to know if it’s working or all in my head.

I was glad to see no upper body work today with the focus of leg work. I’m a year round cyclist, so I can tolerate today’s workout. Seems like Shaun T’s got a “blow out” segment in each workout to make sure you have nothing left in the tank at the very end. Glad to see the kettlebell swing incorporated into this workout albeit done with a dumbbell. I was able to bring out my kettlebell during that segment.

I’ve been keeping my diet clean and glad to see my weight dip to the high 170’s pounds this morning. I haven’t been feeling tired but I now I’m eating at a caloric deficit and moving more. I’ve been drinking my vegetables and fruits, and eating my protein.


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