Asylum 2 – Day 5 – Off-Day Stretch and The Gita

26 Apr


Started out the day cycling to The Human Race 5k event. I ended up riding 28 miles round trip. I rode, ran and rode back. I did surprisingly well at the race, beating all my previous practice runs times last week with a sprint to the finish line with about a half mile to go.

I was amazed how Asylum helped during my run. I was able to sprint uphill and pick up my speed. If you train for a specific sport and supplement your training with Asylum, you will be ahead of the pack. While running I kept thinking, “Nobody trains harder than you do.” When the going got tough, I just got tougher.

All workouts are easy, it’s up to you to make them hard.

So I was glad to see Off-Day Stretch today on the schedule which is Asylum 1’s version of Relief. The workout was OK but I’d much prefer a regular yoga class.

I started reading The Bhagavad-Gita this weekend as I’m trying to catch up with the yoga philosophy class at the local ashram and stopped at verse 2.22:

Just as a person puts on new garments after discarding the old ones, similarly, the living entity or the individual soul acquires other new bodies after casting away the old bodies.

If the soul is eternal, why does it keep taking residence in a physical body?



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