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Kettlebell SuperSet with TRX Suspension Trainer

31 May


Since I’ve completed Asylum Volume 2 almost 2 weeks ago, I’ve been mostly cycling and running 5Ks. This past week I’ve done a couple workouts from the TRX Tactical Conditioning Program, Keith Weber Exteme Kettlebell Workout Volume 2 and Anthony DiLuglio’s Firepower kettlebell workout. Last year I’ve mostly done kettlebell and TRX workouts and since doing Asylum workouts, I learned that in order to shed weight you need cardio.

Many argue that doing cardio is a waste of time, you’re mostly losing water weight. The trick is to do cardio in a fasted state to burn more fat. But even if it was water weight, it’s time spent exercising than couch potatoing or doing some other unhealthy habit.

Today I did a double kettlebell Ladder SuperSet with the TRX Suspension Trainer using a pair 16kg bells.

Do 1 Rep of each kettlebell movement for 1 Round. Do 6 Rounds Before moving on to TRX:
Clean bells to rack
Set bells down and do a push up on handles
Renegade Rows 

Move Over to TRX for Core Work – 6 Reps each movement:
TRX Seesaw on forearms
Press onto hands to knee tucks

Go back to kettlebells and repeat ladder from 5 down to 1. Then go run a 5k!


Insanity The Asylum Volume 2 COMPLETED

22 May



Here’s my not safe for work pictures. I finished Asylum 2 earlier this week. As you can see I still have a long way to go. Makes makes me cry to think how far I let myself go 😀

The program is tough but you can bet that nobody is training harder than you right now. I’m most please with finally getting my body fat percentage under 20%. It’s at 18.7% right now. My next goal is to get at 15% which means losing at least another 10-15 pounds.

I’m enjoying the process. Eating right, being active and fitting into newer and smaller clothes. I’m getting my life back, one workout at a time.

Push yourself to your limit…them push a little more!

Asylum 2 – Day 27 – Championship + Fit Test (Sudden Death OT) – Asylum 2 COMPLETE!

18 May


…And that my friends, is the end of Asylum 2. I reached a solid 8 rounds on the fit test. It’s harder for me to keep track of what round I am on while trying to remember the sequence and perform it as fast as possible. Who knows, I may have done 10 rounds but lost track. 😀

I’m still unsure of what I want to do next but one thing for sure is that I’m taking the next week off with some distance cycling and running.

I’ve lost a total of 15.2 pounds during Asylum 2 and I’m at the lowest weight I’ve been in 3 or more years, 166.6 pounds! What helped me the most is doing a juice fast on the last week of Asylum. I lost 10.6 pounds during that week of juice cleansing which would take me a month to lose. I’ve lost a complete 23.6 pounds from Asylum 1 and 2 combined and the truth is I still have at least 20 more pounds to lose! I still have no abs, no muscle definition, just kind of thinned out.

What Asylum taught me is that diet is KING. Learning and having discipline on making correct food choices is what many of us struggle with. Saying no while others around us indulge in sweet and fatty foods takes the strongest of wills. Having a support group helps with this, and is why I posted everyday even if it was just me talking to myself at times.

Asylum 2 – Day 26 – Off-Day Stretch and 5K Run

17 May


Woke up and did Off-Day Stretch. The sun finally popped out and also ran a 5k in the park. I have Championship tomorrow which is the last scheduled workout of the program then I’m finished. I don’t think is harder than Game Day so I got it in the bag. I’m happy to report that I have surpassed my weight loss goal and I officially have until Monday to keep dropping pounds which is Day 28, the last day of Asylum 2.

I’m on  Day 6 of my 7 day juice cleansing and almost gave in to popcorn, candy and a Slurpee when I went to watch that cheesy Godzilla movie. I sat there watching it while my stomach turned and grumbled probably more to the bad movie than to being hungry. I did my stretching and ran a 5K in a fasted state and I’m down 9.6 pounds since last Monday. What I lost in less than a week would take me a month to shed.  

Getting Juiced!

16 May


I made it to the end of the week on my juice fast with a couple more days to go. I might have to make a stop this weekend to pick up more produce. That’s the only downside of juicing, is the huge amount of vegetables and fruits you go through for juice. That’s my main reason to start a garden this year. I ordered some organic non-GMO heirloom seeds of 15 different vegetables and fruit. I’m going to donate half my seeds to the local Ashram as they are starting their own garden this year too.

Asylum 2 – Day 25 – Back & 6-Pack + Pure Contact

Back & 6-Pack is a welcome workout to break up the first 3 workouts of the week. Shaun T always amazes me with all his different ways he attacks the core without sit up or crunches. I did Pure Contact right after and it’s a perfect disc to throw in when you’re short on time but you need to get your sweat in. Pure Contact compliments Back & 6-Pack with additional upper back and core work.

Juicing In The Asylum

15 May


Last night I watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead for inspiration and was truly moved by the transformations from people that wanted to break free from processed foods and medications.  When you hit rock bottom, the only way is to go up. Which is the easy part because you have direction but the process is the hardest part. Many want result now without taking inconsideration the years that people abused their bodies.

Phil Staples was a cheeseburger away from a fatal heart attack and started small with a 10 day juice cleanse and saw immediate improvement. A 10 day juice cleanse became a 30 day then a 60 day juice cleanse that not only changed his life but inspired others around him. Bravo.

It’s day 4 of my 7-day juice cleanse and I can say my body has adapted to my juice diet. I do feel energized and no longer feel like I’m going to die from starvation. I didn’t think I would have enough energy to complete intense workout from Insanity The Asylum but I’ve proved myself wrong. I’ve lost 5.4 pounds in 4 days. Normally that would take me 3 weeks to lose. Crazy.

Asylum 2 – Day 24 – Power Legs + Ab Shredder
Yep that 5 minutes of pulsing at the end always gets me too. Ab Shredder is real work especially that forearm plank walk and knee tuck. Another back to back workout scratched off the list.

Asylum 2 – Day 23 – Upper Elite / Not So Fast Food

14 May


Out of all the Asylum workouts, Upper Elite is the toughest workout for me. I excel in the agility cardio based workouts but when it comes to endurance strength training, I’m up against fatigue and my will.

With four more workout days towards finishing Asylum 2, I’m still undecided on what to do next. It seems like I flip flop on what I want to do every few days. I was going to jump on another cardio bodyweight non-Beachbody program but I haven’t mastered Asylum. I’m considering taking a week off and starting the Asylum hybrid. But this time with a pull up bar.

I was close to giving in and enjoying a burger with fries today and sabotaging my juice fast. What stopped me was that I’ve already spent so much on fresh produce to throw it all away today. Plus, I feel like I got over the hardest day, day 2, and my body finally adjusted to the juice cleansing. I’m not always hungry like yesterday. I’m on Day 3 and was please to have slimmed down an extra 2 pounds today. Having release nearly everything that was in my intestines, I feel the juice fully absorbs into my body. This is the point in the fast where the body finally begins to heal.