Asylum 2 – Day 11 – Back & 6-Pack

2 May


There’s a lot of rest between exercises and times like this where I wish I had a pull up bar because I would not be taking these rest breaks for granted. I always flare up my hip flexors when doing the c sit ups in any Insanity series and there’s several rounds of 5 second abs. Debating on whether to replace tomorrow’s Off-Day Stretch with a regular yoga class.

It’s pretty much downhill for this week as I really only have 1 more workout (Championship and Fit Test) to complete week 2. The hardest part is getting through the first three workout of the week. Hard to believe I’m reaching the half way point for Asylum 2 and I’m starting to think about what I want to do next.

I’ve always read about how cardio is a waste of time but it’s the only thing that helped me lose weight. I’ve lost minimal weight training on the TRX suspension trainer and swinging kettlebells. I need to create a hybrid workout plan that incorporates cardio, kettlebells, TRX and yoga while eating clean like I’m doing now. I did think about doing a hybrid of both Asylum 1 and 2 workout while the movements are fresh in my mind. I’m not bored of Asylum but I’ll make a decision during my last week.


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