Asylum 2 – Day 23 – Upper Elite / Not So Fast Food

14 May


Out of all the Asylum workouts, Upper Elite is the toughest workout for me. I excel in the agility cardio based workouts but when it comes to endurance strength training, I’m up against fatigue and my will.

With four more workout days towards finishing Asylum 2, I’m still undecided on what to do next. It seems like I flip flop on what I want to do every few days. I was going to jump on another cardio bodyweight non-Beachbody program but I haven’t mastered Asylum. I’m considering taking a week off and starting the Asylum hybrid. But this time with a pull up bar.

I was close to giving in and enjoying a burger with fries today and sabotaging my juice fast. What stopped me was that I’ve already spent so much on fresh produce to throw it all away today. Plus, I feel like I got over the hardest day, day 2, and my body finally adjusted to the juice cleansing. I’m not always hungry like yesterday. I’m on Day 3 and was please to have slimmed down an extra 2 pounds today. Having release nearly everything that was in my intestines, I feel the juice fully absorbs into my body. This is the point in the fast where the body finally begins to heal.


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