Getting Juiced!

16 May


I made it to the end of the week on my juice fast with a couple more days to go. I might have to make a stop this weekend to pick up more produce. That’s the only downside of juicing, is the huge amount of vegetables and fruits you go through for juice. That’s my main reason to start a garden this year. I ordered some organic non-GMO heirloom seeds of 15 different vegetables and fruit. I’m going to donate half my seeds to the local Ashram as they are starting their own garden this year too.

Asylum 2 – Day 25 – Back & 6-Pack + Pure Contact

Back & 6-Pack is a welcome workout to break up the first 3 workouts of the week. Shaun T always amazes me with all his different ways he attacks the core without sit up or crunches. I did Pure Contact right after and it’s a perfect disc to throw in when you’re short on time but you need to get your sweat in. Pure Contact compliments Back & 6-Pack with additional upper back and core work.


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