Kettlebell SuperSet with TRX Suspension Trainer

31 May


Since I’ve completed Asylum Volume 2 almost 2 weeks ago, I’ve been mostly cycling and running 5Ks. This past week I’ve done a couple workouts from the TRX Tactical Conditioning Program, Keith Weber Exteme Kettlebell Workout Volume 2 and Anthony DiLuglio’s Firepower kettlebell workout. Last year I’ve mostly done kettlebell and TRX workouts and since doing Asylum workouts, I learned that in order to shed weight you need cardio.

Many argue that doing cardio is a waste of time, you’re mostly losing water weight. The trick is to do cardio in a fasted state to burn more fat. But even if it was water weight, it’s time spent exercising than couch potatoing or doing some other unhealthy habit.

Today I did a double kettlebell Ladder SuperSet with the TRX Suspension Trainer using a pair 16kg bells.

Do 1 Rep of each kettlebell movement for 1 Round. Do 6 Rounds Before moving on to TRX:
Clean bells to rack
Set bells down and do a push up on handles
Renegade Rows 

Move Over to TRX for Core Work – 6 Reps each movement:
TRX Seesaw on forearms
Press onto hands to knee tucks

Go back to kettlebells and repeat ladder from 5 down to 1. Then go run a 5k!


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