On An Off Day

3 Jun


I had a long day sitting behind a desk and was going to take a rest day. It was getting late into the night when I pulled up my shirt in front of the mirror in the bathroom and…BAM!!! Instant motivation.

I’ve been pondering how I would like to get rid of the stubborn lower belly fat. I know you can’t spot reduce or get rid of it by doing a million crunches daily. Diet, cardio and lifting heavy things is the only way. I looked back at all the hard work that got me where I’m at physically today and how much more work I need to put in. It seems for spending an hour a day, 6 days a week, you only enjoy you body for a couple hours a week on a night out on the town. Is it worth it? Yes!

Decided to have some fun today and threw in X Trainer from Asylum 2. I finished a sweaty mess and made sitting in front a computer all day not a day lost in vain.


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